Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Annie Bowers & Sally

Annies Picture Of Sally

This is Sally, Annies Dog
Drawn by Annie Bowers on May 23 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bucky is growing too, a lot.

The Babies are a Growing

Friday, May 04, 2007

HA HA Ha I've got the Ball and
You Dont

They look so sweet, dont they ?
This is Ziggy & Bella, Auntie Gingers babies

They say Crabs can just Jump on your Head & you want even realize it.

Ginger.... I think you need to feed Bella some more, She looks sorta Skinny

Prissy Turns 17 in June

She looks just like a Teenager dosent She ?

Chester has had too many Doggie Treats, Bourbon flavored, cant you tell by His eyes

Auntie Rachel & Uncle Charles Special Doggie

Look at that Sweet Boy !
Myrtle wants to play with Him.

Myrtle, It's not Charles Manson, It's Uncle Rob & Auntie Rachel

Which dog is the real Betty-Lou ?? Everybody, even Dogs have a Twin.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Even more Babies

Look How Small I am, Auntie Ginger & Rachel

More Babies

Auntie Rachel & Auntie Ginger

It's Baby time again.

The season has started and we have babies everywhere already.

Big babies, Little babies, Black babies & Silver babies. ( Babies "r" Us )

Myrtle's Auntie Rachel, who lives in Carrboro loves babies. One day when She moves to Asheville, Myrtle is going to Help Auntie Rachel Foster some Babies ( Auntie Rachel dosent know it yet ).

Myrtle has another Auntie & Her name is Ginger, She lives in Carrboro too, She is going to come live in Asheville very soon, And Myrtle wants to come & spend the night, so She can meet Auntie Gingers Doggies.

Here are a few pictures of Auntie Rachel & Auntie Ginger's Future Babies

Myrtle's Father

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bucky climbs His first Tree

It's 4:00 in the Morning, do You know where your Opossum is ?
This is Bucky. He is a bad Boy.
Bucky decided to climb His first tree, and he was very succesful. In fact he was so succesful He climbed too high and coulden't come down.
This is a Picture of Bucky at 3:30 a.m., see how red His eyes are ? This was after 12 hours, He was ready to come down and, We were ready to go to Bed, We even played that Hippie song, "What goes up, must come down " but nothing worked, so we decided to go inside for Ice Cream.
Myrtle was scooping up cones of Rocky Road when We heard a lound bang. We rushed out back to the Tree and Bucky had fell to the ground. He had fallen Asleep and lost His balance. We went back in to finish ourIce Cream Myrtle gave Bucky a dirty look & He wondered in later.
Until next time ice
Myrtle's Father

Cousin Whitey

This is Myrtle's Cousin Whitey.
Whitey is a Opossum of a different natue.
We call Him Whitey, because He is solid White except for His Ears & Feet.
Now how did Whitey become so white ?
Well there is a story behind that, and here it goes.
When Whitey was but just a little Possum, He used to slip off His Mamas back and sneak up on the front porch of Mrs. Yeastriser,
when His Mama would pass by there every night.
She wouldent even notice Him gone, with all His Brothers & Sisters still attatched.
Whitey would climb the gutter & up to the Kitchen window He would go. Mrs Yeastriser was a Baker & She cooked Biscuits every day of the week, & Whitey knew that the Biscuits would be cooling on top of the Kitchen table, and He would eat a few and then Mosey back down the Gutter, on to the front Porch & wait for His Mama to come back by & he would just hop on and nobody would notice.
One Night, Whitey was eating biscuits & Mrs. Yeastriser surprised Him when She came into the Kitchen. Whitey became so frightened that he jump onto the Flour barrel in the corner, and flipped the lid & fell right in. Mrs. Yeastriser ran over & slammed the lid on top of the Barrell, carried it out the back door and rolled it over the Mountain cliff behind the Outhouse.
Whitey bounced around the inside of the Barrell for a long time . When it finally stopped, the lid popped off & Whitey crawled out, He was solid white from Head to Toe from all the flour. Whitey tried shaking, washing in the creek, rubbing on rocks , and lots of licking, but nothing worked, and so His Mama named Him Whitey.
Until next time
Myrtle's Father

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Myrtle's Uncle Weaserton starring with Elly-Mae

Many people dont know that Myrtle had a famous Uncle.
His name was Weaserton. He starred in the hit show "The Beverly Hillbilly's " thats Him pictured here with Donna Douglas who played Elly-Mae on the Show.
Weaserton was on the show for 6 years, He became quite the celebrity, He even had his own Trailer on the lot, where they did the filming, not to mention Hair & Makeup.
Weaserton was quite a handsome Gent, all the ladies were always asking him out, after the cast would wrap up filming for the day, But Weaserton had only one true love & that was Elly-Mae.
After the show was cancelled, Weaserton asked Elly-Mae to marry him, but She turned Him down, saying " Your just to short". Elly-Mae was a real tall girl & I guess she just couldent handle Weaserton's height.
After Elly-Mae & Weaserton parted & went their seperate ways, Weaserton started hitting the Bottle out of greif for his love for Elly-Mae, everything went downhill from there.
The last we ever heard from Him was a scribbled letter He wrote while He was in The Betty Ford Center, You could harldly read it, & it smelled just like Jack Daniels.
One day a few years later, while reading the local paper, there was an article about Weaserton's Death. Reports stated that He wobbled drunk into a Hollywood Diner, went into the Kitchen & Jumped into a pot of boiling Sweet Potatoes, & He became the Lunch Special that day.
And thats the story of Famous Uncle Weaserton.
Myrtle's Father

Myrtle's Great Aunt with Junior & Juniorette

Since Myrtle is getting a little old, She is more interested in Her Opossum Heritage.
This is Myrtle's Great Aunt Wilhemina, She is holding Junior & Juniorette Some distant cousins of Myrtle & Bucky & Speedy. This photo was taken way back in the 1950's. Myrtle kinda resembles Aunt Wilhemina & even more to Junior & Juniorette. Now Myrtle's Aunt Wilhemina was a true Virginia Hillbilly, She named Her Opossums Junior & Juniorette, There was another named Junior Junior, but he got ran over by the milk truck one early frosty winter morning.
But at first Aunt Wilhemina would go outside and call Her opossums, She'd Yell " Junior Junior, Junior, Juniorette, Yall come on up on the porch and get yer slop !!"" They'd mosey on up on the porch and eat up all the left-overs that Uncle Amos diden't eat fer Supper.
Now I could always tell who was Juniorette, cause She was a Girl, But I Could never tell which one was Junior Junior or Junior. But Auntie Wilhemina could always tell each one apart, just by glancing at them. I guess she had lots of experience with stuff like that since She had 3 boys of Her own, and their names were Ben, Benjamin & Benjie. I guess its a Mother thing you know.
Well Myrtles got to take Her fiber Pills & We have to poly-grip Her dentures for the old lady's club tommorow. so I guess we will be turning in early.
Until next time
Myrtle's Father

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Myrtle's update

Wow, I cant belive its been since August since I've written about Myrtle.
Things here at home have been very busy since then.
So where do I start ??

Since I posted last, things with myrtle & sweet-pea & bucky, and bucky & sweet-pea's Father Speedy have changed dramatically.
Unfortunately Sweet-Pea is no longer with us. She dislocated Her hip socket & the Vet said She was in terrible Pain & there was nothing we could do, so to my Horror Sweet-Pea had to be put down. It was a sad day for all of us, especially Myrtle, who did not fully understand what was going on. Bucky on the other hand looked at it in this way ( More food for Him )
Bucky has turned out to be quite a large Opposum, He was so puney when He was a little lad, but has he fooled us all & grown to be about 13 pounds. ( WOW).

Myrtle still cannot stand Him, because he takes attention away from Her, But She knows She still is my all time favorite Baby!!!

Myrtle has been such a good Girl, She Herself isin't getting any younger, She is starting to slow down some, Her teeth are starting to grind down & She is not as fat as She once was.
Since She is an Older Opossum I am going to have to change the way I tell stories about Her, I think I will write about Her as if She were a Geriatric Opossum, Maybe like Granny stories or something like that.
So anyway let me think of some stories & I will post some soon.
I promise I will try to start posting more regular, for all you Myrtle Fans, especially Myrtle's Family back home in Florida & Georgia, Granny Jean, Auntie Lynn & Auntie Susan & of course Old Old Auntie Hilda in Boca Raton.
Until next time
Myrtle's Father